HelpDeskSaaS.com was created in January 2010 by the Escon Information Consulting with the mission to satisfy a significant number of requests from current customers for help desk software available as a service. Since most website owners and companies want to use help desk software without dedicated resources, we’ve decided to provide an excellent product that would satisfy their requirements.

These solutions fulfill the current and future business requirements of our worldwide customers’ IT live support and live sales needs.

With previous support software process expertise and a proven track record, HelpDeskSaaS has mobilized the right people, skills, and technologies to help its customers get maximum value from adoption of technology.

Our upcoming plans include development of more significant features for covering the full set of requirements of advanced help desk software.

HelpDeskSaaS.com is a customer-focused learning organization that strives to continuously learn form its customers and integrate their feedback into its software products.