The Help Freely Foundation was born from the idea that helping out the causes we care about should be easy and integrated into our everyday lives. Fortunately, there are already many people and organizations around the world dedicated to making this a reality, and these countless nonprofits and volunteers are key players in the game of social change. From disaster relief and literacy programs to art associations and sports clubs, these initiatives involve a wide variety of groups and individuals that work to address just about every human need while changing lives in immeasurable ways. We are inspired by them and strive to aid them in their worthy endeavors.

Even with all these outstanding social innovators already out there today, many people still doubt their own ability to make a real difference. They are unaware of how even a seemingly insignificant action has the power to influence the world in a big way. The Help Freely Foundation wants to change that!

We aim to raise awareness about all the powerful technological tools available today that allow nonprofits and individuals to better engage with each other and generate greater support for those organizations. This enhanced connection not only fosters a closer relationship between nonprofit and supporter, it also makes the process of raising funds less costly, while substantially enhancing the positive social impact created by those donated funds once put into action.

If we can learn to make the most of the technological and social media tools available nowadays, we can all have the power to create a lot of good in the world. The first step to achieving this is informing people and making them aware of the power they have as individuals to make their community a better place. Everyday, new tools emerge to help make the acts of giving, helping, volunteering, and interacting with nonprofit organizations easier. Unfortunately, we are not always able to keep up with the fast pace of change and so remain unaware of the various new ways we could be making a difference.

Together, we can find ways to empower these hard-working organizations and become a part of their success by raising awareness and doing our part to help. This is why the Help Freely Foundation wholeheartedly advocates the integration of such social good tools into our daily lives. In the same way that we have come to utilize and rely on many innovative new social networks and applications that allow us to communicate better, turning them into important and influential tools, we believe it's just as important to support those platforms that help us to come together with the goal of doing more good for our community and the world.