help now ministries is a small not for prophit orginization that  was formed when i moved to the westerly hills area in 2007. i was shocked at what i saw. even though i had very hard life my self i had never seen people actually sleeping outside because they had no where to live.i had never seen anyone eating out of garbage cans because thats the only way thet could get food. and what really brought tears to my eyes is when i saw woman sleeping outside with there chikdren. even though  i was forced to move to charlotte after being the victom a brutal home invasion and attack where i was nearly killed. i had never been homeless or hungry.  when i came to and realize that god had spared my life, i knew i had to give back i just did'nt know how i did'nt know why i chose charlotte until i got here. me and my 4 children an my grandchild ,who was 7months old at the time. were homeless  for the first time in our lives. we had it really hard for the first  three months that we were here, and a stranger helped us. when i moved on crispin ave. i statrted noticing all of the homeless people. Naturally i felt a need to help them so thats what i did. i started feeding people, and finding  clean clothing and sometimes housing. i did'nt know anyhting about getting food donated so i just used my own food stamps. when you have a will god makes a way.even though i share my food with others. god has never let me or my family go hungry because of it. i believe that this is my calling. my goal is to be able to open a soup kitchen, where i can provide three hot meal for homeless men woman and children. A clothing closet to provide clean cothing. and a shelter to house homeless men woman and children. i beleve if we can get people off the street we can get them on the right path to becoming productive members of  the westerly hills community. A huge portion of our homeless community is made up of  VETERINS. we all know thats not right. i am asking for help from everyone in the community. especially the buisness owners. it is your place of buisness that becomes home for these people once you close your establishment, and go home fot the night. its really sad to see young mothers with there children asking for money to pay for a room for a night. they go to sleep at night weather it be in a room or in a store front, worrying about if they will be able to feed there kids the next day. and they wake up wondering if they will have somewhere to sleep  that night. its a visious cycle and it can be broken with your help. on july 31 we are hosting our secound annual breaking bread with the homelessday. this is a day set a side once a year to give the homeless a day of fun and resources. on this day we will provide free food and activities along with viable resources to try and better there situations.we are in need of slighty used and new clothing for woman children and men,we are asking for non-parishable foods. sanitary products,monetary donations. volunteers. gifts to for free raffles threw out the event and support from the westerly hills community.please contact robin jackson @ 70492-4611 or email us @www.helpnowministries@yahoo.com for more information or to make donations.