Support, Education, and Advocacy

Since 2002, HIS has been dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by hemochromatosis.

HIS has established itself as a successful grassroots health advocacy organization dedicated to helping those in need. The families, friends and individuals that have donated time, money, and service have helped us to educate and advocate for those suffering from hemochromatosis.

Thanks to ongoing support from the community, HIS is able to continue to build on its success and to focus its efforts on three main areas – Support, Education, and Advocacy.


HIS provides ongoing support to families, friends, and individuals struggling with hemochromatosis.  Utilizing Causes, “the world’s largest platform for activism and philanthropy,” HIS has built one of the largest support groups for hemochromatosis on Facebook.  One of our goals is to connect individuals to support each other.  Due to cost constraints we do not maintain a full staff of experts but thanks to social media individuals seeking support and information can connect with each other directly.  We encourage you to visit the HIS Cause Page for more information.


HIS’s public education efforts are focused on educating America about hemochromatosis.  HIS recognizes the urgency of early diagnosis and treatment to prevent devastating long-term health affects associated with iron overload.  We provide educational brochures for physicians and hospitals.  We present information to colleges and universities about early diagnosis.  HIS has engaged in a variety of other activities to promote awareness about hemochromatosis .Of course, we maintain this website to provide basic information about hemochromatosis.


HIS works with various federal, state, and local agencies on public health issues related to hemochromatosis.  In addition, we represent the voice of our members on Capitol Hill and in state houses across the country for the thousands of Americans living with hemochromatosis. HIS advocates have fought to increase or prevent cuts to funding for programs for hemochromatosis research.  We have advocated to protect individuals against genetic discrimination and to promote services for those suffering from this disorder.  We continue to work with other health advocacy organizations to influence critical national policy debates.