Herbal Integrity prides itself as being providers of physician-grade nutritional supplements. Our products are manufactured without compromise, based on the latest, proven scientific research, providing you with the best premium supplements on the market.

We do not believe in inflated marketing hype - only scientific facts. You will find our  information to be backed by facts and studies.

Every one of our products is formulated to the same exacting standards. We offer the only unconditional guarantee in the supplement industry. We can only do that because of the research, the manufacturing process, and the proven results for our products.

Some supplements are absolutely phenomenal at helping the immune system, dropping homosysteine levels, improving cardiovascular health, replacing good bacteria, cleansing, or helping with specific illnesses such as osteoporosis, arthritis, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

The objective for our product line was to create a unique class of nutritional supplements.  They have been created without compromise, from research, formulations, raw materials, manufacturing, even to the extent of using a specific type of superior packaging bottle.  Our supplements are based on the latest scientific research, using only human studies.

Our product is not for the masses, or the bargain hunter who believes you will get good results from an inexpensive, synthetic preparation.  Be aware that simply because a company lists an ingredient, it does not mean that it is from a quality source, or that the beneficial components were not destroyed through manufacturing heat or solvents.

All of our products are designed using the most current scientific thinking on the role of nutritional supplements in preventing disease and maintaining good health throughout one’s lifetime.

Once research is complete, scientists and formulators must extrapolate the exact ratios of individual ingredients that provide maximum benefit to the end user.  Many competing and inexpensive brands list ingredients in ratios that have never been tested, simply so they can say the component is in their formula.  They then use false marketing claims saying they have discovered the secret!  However, they leave out the quantities of the important ingredients that are the most expensive in order to list another ingredient.  Please do not fall for that kind of hype.

The combination of the right ingredients, in the right ratios, based on science, is what gives our products real results.

Our products use only certified organic and wild crafted raw materials from the most accredited sources.  It is not unusual for us to pay four or five times over what some of the discounted products can be purchased for.  We choose to do this in order to create our special class of products in which all of the materials meet full pharmaceutical standards for purity and potency.

All of our products meet the stringent Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) guidelines as set up by the FDA.  This includes strict quality control procedures for every step of the process.  All steps include the most advanced technology, and avoid the use of heat or solvents that can denature the delicate ingredients used in the formulas.  Our manufacturing techniques are such that we guarantee the active principals in our products after manufacture and in the bottle when you use them.

All of our research would be wasted if the manufacturing process did not protect our formulas.  For this reason, some of our products are more effective when produced as a tablet so we can better protect it from heat and moisture.

In addition, the finished product must be protected properly from oxygen, moisture, and contamination.  We use only PETE containers, as compared to 99% of other company who use HDPE plastic.  It costs us more, but it allows us to deliver to you the finest nutritional supplement available.