About Hercules & Hercules Inc.

Our business was not founded as an offshoot of some big conglomerate or corporation. It was started in my father’s small house in northwest Detroit in 1964. Right at the start, my father, Hercules Jefferson, Sr. believed in personalized problem solving for his customers.

Nearly five decades later, we still embody his belief through our philosophy of “Big enough to fulfill all your maintenance, janitorial and sanitary needs, small enough to really care.”

We care because we listen to you. We care because we want you to approach us anytime with any problem.

Our approach is different than most because we pride ourselves on working closely with you from start to finish. That is evident in our industry-leading training program. Many of our competitors sell you a cleaning product and let you figure how to use it. We want you to succeed and stay with you through completion.

We at Hercules & Hercules Inc. have been serving all types of companies and agencies – big and small – in Detroit for more than 40 years. Obviously, our fair prices have a lot to do with that. But it’s our philosophy that has won over many customers who have stayed with us for so long. They know that we are big enough to meet all their maintenance, janitorial and sanitary needs, but small enough to really care.

It’s a service-oriented tradition that we work hard every day to maintain.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to working for you, with you, to solve all your cleaning and sanitary problems.