Upon returning from Iraq in November of 2005 our founder became homeless in 2006 and addicted to mood altering substances as a result of suffering from undiagnosed PTSD, Depression and Adjustment Disorder. Mr. Johnson was hospitalized in the Department of Veteran Affairs for the entire year of 2007 in three (3) different VA hospitals as a result of his Iraq experience.  While at the Baltimore Maryland VA he became inspired to help other veterans younger than him so that they are able to learn from his experiences. Upon being transferred to the Pittsburgh Highland Drive VA facility he received a certificate from the Department of Veteran Affairs for peer mentoring and became a peer mentor for other veterans that were in the program. This life experience of being a homeless veteran who suffered from additions in the City of Chester, PA coupled with his determination to make a difference in a suffering veteran’s life gave birth to what is now Heroes Today. Since inception Heroes Today has been operating on a grassroots level, giving the community the opportunity to not only volunteer but be fully involved with the transformation of a suffering veteran’s life.

Heroes Today is committed to provide assistance to veterans of all eras, while also focusing on the growing number of veterans in need from the Iraq and Afghanistan era wars. It is our mission to address the problems our veterans are facing and empower them to succeed. Therefore, Heroes Today  is ready to assertively address the needs of homeless veterans both men and women. It is our intention to provide veterans with personal development resources, drug and alcohol addiction treatment through twelve step programs, spirituality enlightenment,  food resources, shelter resources,  family healing exercises, resume writing instruction,  job development resources, job placement resources, community outreach programs and continuous after care follow up for long term stability and growth.

Currently we offer a range of services from intensive outreach to homeless veterans to assisting veterans with understanding VA claims, supporting the families of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans and also peer to peer support for Iraq / Afghanistan veterans. One of the goals for the organization is to acquire property and begin a 26 week 3 stage program designed to inspire personal development and growth.