Born in 2009, HEROfarm is a New Orleans-based marketing, public relations and design agency with a simple philosophy: Do great work for good people. We’ve discovered that when following this principle, everything else seems to fall into place. HERO|farm is founded on organic creative that serves the greater good. We actively pursue avenues of impact that create valued connections between people, places and things.

Not only do we want to do great work, but also do good for the world while doing it. A cornerstone of HEROfarm is to do at least one campaign per year pro bono for a non-profit, as well as work with clients who have admirable missions.

We don't want to be the biggest or richest; we're striving to be the most creative that makes the biggest positive impact on the world. We've come to realize how beneficial and impactful advertising can be for the viewer when it is paired with a client who has a good mission. When you add value to a person's everyday life, you do more than just sell a product; you create a lasting relationship of goodwill and a connection that goes far beyond sell-buy-consume. Our goal is to help evolve advertising into something people don't run from, but applaud.

Simply, we just want to do our part in making the world a better place.