Hero’s Pride’s mission is to improve the lives of those dedicated to protecting us every day.
We are proud of what we achieved so far with Emblem products helping First Responders build a respected image in the community, providing them with highly customized and intricate emblems. We are dedicated to making the world a better place and we are excited about anything we can do to advance our mission.

First Responders face significant health challenges stemming from their daily work activities. Unfortunately, a significant number of Police Officers (greater than 60%) suffer from lower back pain. In our conversations with Police Officers, many have expressed their biggest pain-point as being discomfort—far ahead of any other issue. One Police Officer explained it like this: “You are blessed if you can go through 20 years as a police officer and get away without back and hip issues.” Contributors to back pain include the weight of the gear, the positioning of items on the duty belt, one-size-fits-all misconceptions, and more. Other common health issues experienced by First Responders are sleep disorders, burn out, depression, lack of focus on the job, and muscle strains.

Hero’s Pride is committed to driving change in the industry and creating products that work with First Responders, not against them. Our vision is therefore to be the world’s most health-centric company for first responders, empowering them to achieve their potential by addressing the root cause of everyday health issues they are facing. We have already made significant advancements in weight reduction of the duty gear, improvements in comfort, and have launched several health-related products such as the first-to-market tourniquet holder as well as its new Universal version, a leading Narcan® Nasal Spray Duty-Belt Case, and more.

We take pride in serving First Responder heroes across all 50 U.S. states and Canada. We’ve served our customers for over 40 years with a dedication to delivering excellence in the products we make and in the superior service we provide. Our value commitment is your 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you’re not satisfied with any of our items, then we’re not satisfied—and we will replace your order or refund your price in full, guaranteed.