Simple, Functional Designs
Every home has spaces worthy of a custom look, and areas in the home that are underutilized. Herringbone Studios builds artistic and creative furniture and home elements to maximize those spaces with beauty and character.

Custom Look - Retail Price
Ever tried buying custom furniture? Probably not, but if so, one finds the cost similar to buying a hole in the water or a second condo! Herringbone builds furniture that stands out effortlessly, but doesn't cost a bundle. Everyone wants their home to be unique, and if you cannot find unique here, you just aren't looking.

Express Commitment to the Planet
With so much waste in the world, especially in the realm of wood-working, Herringbone scours all aspects of every project with an eye to making the most of what nature has to offer. Sourcing locally, reducing or eliminating waste, and donating excess for functional use, we strive to waste nothing.