For more than 13 years, Hesstech has been recognized as an industry pioneer having established environmentally sound recycling solutions and innovative techniques for recovering reuse value from retired electronics. The only two and new, U.S. based electronics recycling certification programs (e-Stewards and R2) were influenced greatly by Hesstech’s involvement on steering committees and as a trusted advisor.

Among the first to develop technology to track the custody of materials from the point of origin to the final destination, Hesstech was awarded a patent for its proprietary STAR System software, which enables real time web reporting for services throughout the US and most of Canada.   Hesstech offers far more than asset recovery or recycling services for retired IT equipment.  Developing technology to assist customers in reducing the costs of downsizing, national consolidation projects, or moving offices or data centers, are just a few examples of Hesstech’s range of technical capabilities and innovative thinking. Perhaps the greatest benefit and reason for using Hesstech is the top rated customer service, responsiveness, and commitment to provide the best value in the industry.