Seven Things To Know About Hulafrog Glastonbury, CT

1.  Hulafrog was founded to give suburban moms (and dads, too) a single source for all kid-friendly activities in their local communities.
2.  You’ll get the lowdown on what other parents think. All of our activities and businesses can be rated and reviewed by everyone.
3. It takes about 15 seconds to set up your own custom Hulapage. Use it to bookmark activities, save your zip code to make searching easier, rate and review things you’ve done, “follow” like-minded friends for tips, and “follow” your favorite businesses for special offers and announcements.
4.  You can get “Our Pick” delivered to your inbox. We keep it short and sweet. (We’ve got email overload, too.) Just one seven-second paragraph and you’ll learn about another fun thing to do near you.
5.  Every business owner with kids’ activities can have a free profile to post information about their business and add info about their events, classes, camps, birthday parties, and more.
6.  Hulafrog pays the bills by selling ads and premium profiles to our local businesses. Please show them some love whenever you can (and tell them Hulafrog sent ya!).
7.  Hulafrog gets better as it gets bigger. The more readers, the more reviews and fresh content. So help spread the word.