Travel can be life changing. It is transformational, eye-opening, exciting, wondrous and engaging for travelers of every age... Our vacations are designed to spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder or enrich understanding – and when these experiences are shared with loved ones, they bring you closer together. We take care of every detail of your vacation... so you can do, see and be together as a family on the adventures of a lifetime. Our personal knowledge and local contacts mean we can create individual journeys that fulfill your aspirations. Our travel teams talk to our regional people across the world on a daily basis, so we always know what’s going on, on the ground. It means we’re able to give you up-to-the-minute advice based on real knowledge and our actual experiences. And speaking of the environment. Our policy is to tread lightly, so our places of beauty remain a joy forever. But our final response to the question ‘Why HF Tours?’ is this; choose your travel company with your head, so you can follow your heart when you travel.