Maximized Living is a health delivery system working to fundamentally change the way people view and manage their health.  Through its network of 1,000-plus doctors, Maximized Living incorporates their 5 Essentials in promoting natural wellness programs, including: mental well-being, specific spinal correction, nutrition, exercise and detoxification.

Dr. Ashly Ochsner is a husband, father, doctor, author, teacher, and most of all a student.  He has been leading people to healthy and fulfilling lives now for over a decade.  He is a certified Maximized Living Doctor in Nutrition, Spinal Correction, Life Management and the Sports Council.  The sports council is partner to the governing bodies of USA Wrestling, USA Judo, USA Weightlifting, USA Sitting Volleyball, and USA Martial Arts.  He has a passion for not only athletes, but children and families dedicating much of the latter part of his career to maximizing the potential of children suffering from Autism, Aspergers, PDD, ADD, Depression, Anxiety, and ill-health in general.  He has three natural health care clinics across the Midwest and each delivers the 5 essentials of maximized living to their communities and beyond.