SalesFRX is a management consulting firm working with field sales organizations in the technology industry sector.  

Executing a repeatable revenue generation strategy that sustains goal attainment is the endgame of Managing to Goal, our revenue generation strategy for translating sales activity into increased revenue.

We offer revenue performance improvement trials for Managing to Goal (M2G).  The framework model for Managing to Goal is built on executing three deliberate practice[1] disciplines:

1)  Deal Planning, a strategy and plan to identify, target and penetrate accounts
2)  Must-Win Pursuits, a focus on details needed to win large account revenue  
    opportunities and
3)  Revenue MappingĀ®, a method for effectively managing the sales opportunity process and more accurately forecasting near term sales revenue.

Implementation of M2G is supported through individualized performance coaching to ensure assimilation and establish responsibility for goal attainment.