H & I Credit Solutions was founded on a few simple beliefs. Offer a real 100% legal credit repair to consumers. Build up the integrity of the industry and provide a safe alternative for consumers that are in need of help challenging incorrect information on their credit report. All the while, the consumer walks away benefiting financially.” said Jeremy. In early 2010 Jeremy Hudson decided to completely change the focus of H & I Credit Solutions from strictly credit repair, to credit coaching, credit education, financial training, and self empowerment.

H & I Credit Solutions begins by educating consumers with some basic acknowledgements that they feel everyone must know.
*Abiding by Federal Law is the only way to truly repair your credit
*Enforcing Federal Law is a must
*If items are negative but 100% accurate they will not be removed
*Understanding why creditors are owed money
*Stay in contact with your creditors when you feel your financial situation may change
*Never pay a “set up” fee for credit repair