Chances are your dentist uses an innovation developed by Robert T. Postal.

For close to 40 years, Bob Postal, developer of Vivowhite™ and HighBeams, has been introducing revolutionary products to the dental industry.

The holder of 34 patents with 3 pending, his development of the "Twist" quarter-turn prophy angle has been recognized worldwide as a significant achievement for the practice of dentistry, offering faster, more efficient cleaning while creating a higher level of safety for the dentist, hygienist as well as the patient. His modifications and improvements to the standard array of dental tools are found in the majority of modern offices today.

Vivowhite™ was originally developed by Bob Postal as an improved whitener for dentists and is currently used in practices throughout the world. Vivowhite™ provides the basic formulation for HighBeams. The breakthrough in reduced tooth sensitivity makes both Vivowhite™ and HighBeams safe, practical and highly effective for home use.