High Caliber "SHOTS" are bullet drop shot weights for your fishing tackle arsenal. They are the only drop shot weights in the world manufactured from solid brass recycled casings, solid copper hollow point heads, Eco-Friendly and legal in all states (unlike lead weights), less expensive than tungsten, safe and gun powder free, with internal rattles to attract bass and other fish. These weights will sit vertically on the bottom and have a unique sound when bouncing along a rocky bottom.

SHOTS are available in many calibers and all popular weights. .32 cal (3/16 oz, .38 cal (1/4 oz), 9mm (3/8 oz), .40 cal (1/2 oz) as well as power shot drop shot weights: 45 cal (3/4 oz) and .38 special (5/8 oz). Also, B.Bling necklaces are available for men or women in all calibers as well (earrings and charms as well).

High Caliber has also developed a Rattlin' Drop Shot Hook with noisy beads that will trigger strikes from even the sleepiest bass in the lake and a VibraFlash blade (similar to those on vibrating jigs) that attaches to a spinnerbait or any forward weighted head lure into a vibrating, flashing, fish catching machine.

In addition, HC has developed a line of labels for fishing rods to organize rods and their techniques and give inspiration to people that fish. Each set includes 21 labels with techniques (crankbait, spinnerbait, drop shot, etc.) and 14 labels with inspirational saying (Fish More. Complain Less. Never Give Up. Eat, Fish, sleep. etc.). And for those that gold as well, a line of club labels with golf tips (Keep your Head Down. Follow Through. Stay Behind The Ball. etc. as well as yardage labels that give you the average shot length for each club in a 1/2, 3/4, or full swing—as well as individual club labels that have the yardage area black for you to customize with your own distances. Now golfers do need to care all that information in their heads....it's in their hands.

High Caliber will soon be launching "Project X". A breakthrough new addition to their line and any fishing arsenal. They feel it will be one of the most exciting new products for 2016.

For more information on any High Caliber Angler Advantage product, or to be notified in advance of the release of Project X, contact us at: highcaliberaa@gmail.com

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