HighCastle provides a full technological infrastructure and legal framework to offer securities and subscribe investors, issue, distribute and manage private securities in a digital form on the secure distributed ledger and hold blockchain-based share registry instead of current spreadsheets. Issuance of securities in a digital form allows private companies to leverage the benefits of public capital markets with even greater efficiency: liquidity premium, 24/7 trading, embedded compliance, easy follow-on rounds, automated dividend payment and many others.
The HighCastle opens up the markets to those smaller companies that previously saw the cost of execution as a limiting factor. Though issuance of digital securities utilising HighCastle platform, private companies can raise funds and issue securities 60% faster and at least 50% cheaper. This opens an enormous opportunity for the growth of private businesses.

The HighCastle platform provides four layers of services:
1. Offering & Subscription:
- Private launch: a private offering of securities and subscription of investors managed through a personal corporate account at HighCastle.
- Public launch: listing and offering of digital securities at the HighCastle’s Prime Market (upon reaching at least 20% investment target)
2. Issuance:
- Issuance of securities on the HighCastle’s Prime Issuance, Registry and Settlement Blockchain Network (PrimeNet), a secure permissioned blockchain build in accordance with the capital market industry standards.
- Allotment and distribution of digital securities to existing shareholders/creditors and new investors.
3. Registry:
- Blockchain-based HighCastle Registrar service and legal framework for issuance of securities in a digitally wrapped form: legal agreements package, maintenance of share registry (securities ownership record), distribution and transfers of securities and shareholders management.
4. Trading:
- Secondary trading of digital securities through the HighCastle MultiTrade (currently in partnership with regulated MTFs and from Q4 2020 also at HighCastle Growth Market).
- Publishing of digital assets’ profiles on HighCastle Market Data, where historical market data, statistics and quotes are available for investors and traders.