At Hintworthy, we believe in helping people choose the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

Let’s face it. Choosing gifts is hard, especially something personal like a piece of jewelry. It's difficult to match a woman's sense of style. If you miss, you spend a lot of effort and money just to see your gift sit in her jewelry box. But if you're successful, nothing lights up her face the same way, and she's reminded of your relationship every time she wears it.

Hintworthy is here to give women a chance to drop their loved ones a little hint. White gold, not yellow gold. Sapphires, not rubies. And by the way, here’s my ring size. We are the place to go to buy all the special women in your life the gifts that they’ll remember. Big surprises and no disappointments.

How it works:

If you're dropping a hint:
You tell us your preferences for different types of jewelry
If someone comes to the site to find jewelry for you, we search out partner jewelry sites and show them jewelry that match your preferences
You can also ask us to drop people hints to come check out the site

If you're looking for a hint:
First, you tell us who you’re shopping for
If she’s registered on our site, we’ll search our partner jewelry sites and show you beautiful jewelry that match the preferences she’s shared with us
If she's not registered, you can ask us to drop her a hint to come and register on the site