We believe you can have the best possible experience finding quality long-term students with us. The way we do this is connecting you with the right employers in China.

We’re a new breed of service

We're looking to change the way the market is seen. We're focused on taking care of the experienced teachers that join us. We want to be sure that relocating to and teaching for some of the best places in China is a rewarding experience.

We put your opportunities first

We understand that you are starting a new teaching career in China or online for Chinese schools, and we'll help eliminate the risk involved.

Who we are

Hioffer Founder, Zheng Jinli, has been focusing on giving English Teachers the best possible experience for many years. He created 91Waijiao and Le Waijiao which rose to success quickly and continues to be leading companies for online training.

“We want to change the ESL industry with our Hioffer online platform. Great quality English teachers is what helps everyone be successful in their career.”    ~Zheng Jinli

A leading job board that connects ESL teachers with leading Chinese employers, featuring:

• A list of legitimate Chinese schools and companies
• One of the most streamlined ESL teaching job application processes in the industry focused on highlighting the qualities of the teacher and language center
• A  unique set of services including relocation assistance, salary protection, and more!