Austin,TX - There are various dating applications for people to choose from when looking for a place to find dates and a compatible match, but not all dating applications are created equally. HipHoot, a new social dating application, is proud to announce their 8/12/14 launch. It is a new social dating application that makes dating fun again and not boring and serious like many other dating apps are. HipHoot features special search and match algorithms to find compatible matches and people can gain specific ranks to unlock virtual gifts. The application is fun, social, and effective.

HipHoot is a unique dating application as it combines games and fun along with meeting actual people. There is built-in chat messaging, where users can chat quickly. Conversations are visual within the app and there are “sticker packs” that allow users to use different characters and add their unique style to messages.

HipHoot will be available from the Apple App store. There are various subscription plans available that are individualized for specific uses. A person can look at the different available plans to determine the right plan. By planning ahead, users can save money by purchasing a multi-month subscription at a discounted price.

HipHoot was created by William Mock and James Nagy, who wanted to create a fun application in which people could date and be social. According to Mr. Nagy “We wanted to create something fun and engaging to help people connect and have a good time. Dating should be fun.”