Hirefresh.com, the fastest growing staffing agency in USA has announced major plans for its free online employment service. Recently there had been a landmark increase in free communication between employers and employees which is a acheivement of its kind. A milestone for helping growing companies find available talent with reasonable budgets. Hirefresh also allows employers to post jobs in usa and reach out directly to a free usable huge database of job-seeking users. Its 1.1+ million communications to date are comprised of both applications to job postings and employers reaching out directly to candidates. They consistently see over 5,000 communications per day.

We're now rapidly approaching around 4,000 active companies on our site, and the feedback has been tremendous.

Hirefrsh is continuing steadly to lead the way in the free online employment services market, working with more employers and employees. A survey conducted recently also showed that a large chunk of its jobseekers successfully registered via Hirefresh website within 30 days of registering.

Hirefresh allows job seekers to upload and convert their existing resume to a unique branded one just for their job search. Users can apply to jobs directly on the site, or link their URL in their emails, job applications, social networks, or website. They can take advantage of branding tools and metrics reports, so they can see exactly who is looking at their resume. Job seekers new to the job hunt can dig through hundreds of sample resume, comprehensive free resume library. Employers can create free company profiles and post as many jobs as they wish for free.