Using the Accurate Hiring System, Hireix customers find the employees with not only the right skill set, but with the right energy and personality to excel in their employer's business.

Whereas recruiters begin with a job description and endeavor to find a candidate who is a close match, Hireix has a different approach. We first engage in an in-depth analysis of the work that the position entails, looking at other top-performing employees in the organization, and then create a profile of the ideal candidate. This profile is used as a benchmark, to which candidates are compared. This comparison allows employers to rate a candidate based on how closely he or she matches the benchmark, rather than who is the best out of the applicant pool at hand.

The Accurate Hiring System was created through years of practical and academic research, and has been used to successfully place candidates in hundreds of positions. While the system was used previously by consultants in V2A Solutions, a recent move by the company to launch the system as an independent business resulted in the formation of Hireix, Inc., a hiring solutions company based in Tigard, Oregon.