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Are you earning what you're worth?

How would your life change if you could tap into your full potential?

Are you feeling stagnant in your current job?

Are you dissatisfied with your job but don't know what is next?

Are you overwhelmed with your responsibilities at work but don't have the support you need on your team?

Were you recently laid off and want to reassess or change your career path?

Have you received a disappointing performance review and want impartial feedback on how to improve and become truly successful in your position?

Do you need someone to guide you through your job search process providing expertise, connections, and accountability?

Do you want to be more confident while networking in your job search both through social media and in person?

Do you want to find a career that you will be passionate about?

You are in the right place!

I am Tish Times, the Passionate Career Expert, helping job seekers nationwide to find their passionate career path then coaching them to be HAPPY, PRODUCTIVE, and AMAZINGLY SUCCESSFUL within their organization. With more than fifteen years in the employment industry, I have a unique approach to helping employees and job seekers improve performance and get BIG results whether in the workplace or on the job hunt. Together we will uncover your true passion and create the work-life balance you've always wanted.  If you want to develop your leadership abilities, communicate more effectively on the job, position yourself for a big promotion or have a sounding board to help you make important decisions contact me today for a free consultaton.  

If you're committed to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful Passionate Career, I look forward to working with you.