Hitech LED Lights is the portal into Real Faith Opto Electronics, LTD. China which has long been known as the lands of quality manufactured LED goods securely purchased at the most competitive price. Real Faith Opto is an industry leader in the field of advanced LED research, chip packaging and high power LED innovations with 105 patents granted, including 100 China patents and 5 US patents.

HLL main products include energy savings LED light bulbs (E27, MR16, GU10), T8/T10 2ft/4ft LED tube, 3528/5050 LED indoor/outdoor strip with single color or RGB controller with remote, 18w/36w/48w LED wallwasher with DMX controller generating special lighting effects, high power LED street lights and tunnel lights from 56W to 210W, LED solar pathway lighting  and many others.

It is our stated goals to meet the consumer's needs relative to securing quality LED light products while effectively lower power usage and delivering increased lamp life.

Further, we are committed to reducing the customers overall costs on maintenance while lowering the environmental footprint. Our engineering services are available to meet current lighting needs while anticipating future needs. We strive to exceed our customer's expectations in terms of responsiveness with new designs to meet future lighting requirements.

Our state of the art product lines encompass a complete array of direct incandescent lamp/fluorescent tube replacement solutions such as high power LED bulbs, LED spot lights, LED downlight, energy saving LED tubes, and LED panel lights for every traditional market.

Our complete LED product line will meet the need for all emerging lighting markets including: industrial facilities, utilities, and maintenance-intensive lighting applications such as traffic lights to gaming/casinos, elevator and industrial controls, automotive, architects suitable for many indoor or outdoor applications.

Please visit us online at www.hitechledlights.com  for a complete reviews of our traditional based LED bulbs, or low cost hassle-free LED lamps, military grade LED flashlight/emergency light, LED table lamps, SMD flexible light strip and complete lines of outdoor LED street lights and LED tunnel lights.

Our product lines are in one word complete. Our value is unsurpassed. Our service is world class.

Hitech LED Lights is what you would expect from an international industry leader in the fields of LED technologies. Hitech LED Lights: responsibility, efficiency and innovation.