Originally launched in 2012 as HJK Digital Solutions, HJK Global Solutions was officially renamed in August 2013 to better serve both a geographically diverse clientele and a need for a broader spectrum of services.  HJK Global Solutions works with individuals and companies to create and execute highly-effective operational and marketing strategies to achieve maximum success in an ever-evolving and competitive marketplace using a combination of social media, cutting-edge technologies, and traditional marketing methods.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those with a ‘brick and mortar’ business, often feel overwhelmed and anxious when it comes to creating their online and offline business strategies.  The team at HJK Global Solutions recognizes that this anxiety is made even worse by the lack of easy-to-understand, yet effective training programs.  Most training options currently in the marketplace is often too technical and difficult to understand, or not easily scalable to a traditional business and/or small business.  HJK Global Solutions offers a wide variety of consulting programs and specialized trainings tailored specifically to meet the true needs of solo-entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-sized businesses. HJK Global Solutions' programs are specifically designed to help those individuals and companies to leverage our expertise to create impactful business strategies and build thriving and profitable businesses.