Company introduce:
HLA Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in oil & gas purification for 
every applications around the world,The scope of our products and services 
covers a wide range,which includes series transformer oil purifier, insulating 
oil purifier, turbine oil purification machine, lubrication oil filtration machine, 
compressed air dryers and other industrial oil and gas treatment machine. 
HLA product lines ensure efficient performance of your equipment and reduceecological disposal problems. Our policies of performance and protection cut maintenance costs, extend equipment life, keep equipment working at peak 
efficiency,prevent down time and meet today’s ecological requirements.
Series SVP Single stage vacuum insulating Oil Purification
SVP series efficiency single stage vacuum transformers insulation oil purifier can quickly and effectively remove water, gas, oxide materials, fee carbon and other impurities from transformer oil to lower the PH value, improve breakdown voltage and quality. Also serving as the vacuum oiling equipment and drying equipment, SVP vacuum transformer oil purifier adopts high vacuum oil dehydrator and degasification system and duplex-Stereo film evaporating technology for drying insulation oil and recover the dielectric strength. This vacuum insulation oil purification machine can live line work on the spot and also can be suitable to purify other insulating oils, such as capacitor oil, switch oil, mutual inductor oil, cable oil, circuit breaker oil and so on.

Series DVP Double-stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification

DVP double stages vacuum transformer oil purifier is designed and built as user friendly high vacuum oil purification system for every applications. It uses advanced and unique technology, double stages horizontal vacuum towers, which speed up the dewatering and degassing more quickly and completely than normal type. After treatment by DVP double stages high vacuum transformer oil purifier, the water content can reach 3ppm, gas content can reach 0.1% and 95% impurities more than 1 micron can be removed.

Series VPM Mobile type Vacuum Insulating Oil Purification
According to fieldwork application, the SVP and DVP transformer oil purifier can be mounted on the mobile trailer with weather-proof, it is renames as model VPM (Vacuum oil Purifier mounted on Mobile trailer). The machine is special suitable for moving to any work point by traction and doing online purification of the transformers insulation oil. Meanwhile, it is weather-proof type with completely closed structure, waterproof, dustproof and moves a long distance for working in field

Series LVP Lubricant Oil Purification
The LVP lubricant oil purifier is designed for controlling the contamination of particles and moisture in oil and maintain the critical cleanliness. It adopts high vacuum dehydration, pressure filtration and prevents wear and tear of machine components by removing solid impurities, water and gas, thus increasing the overall efficiency and life of equipments. The LVP lubricant oil purifier is mainly used for determining oil cleanliness levels for oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and Marine Industries.

Series TVP Turbine Oil Purification
TVP turbine oil purifier is built for purification of lubricating oil in turbines, during running of turbines, the lube oil is contaminated easily, the bad characteristics of oil make the performance of equipments breakdown often, maintenance cost of equipment is much more higher. Our turbine oil purifier mainly remove water, gas and contaminants dissolved in oil, increase the efficiency of equipment and reduce cost, it also can work online with stream turbine, hydraulic turbine etc.