HNK Concepts is the development company that created the Fearless Five™ concept.  The Fearless Five is a child super hero concept based on a team of young, black children spending their free time using their imaginations in creative play.  The first product to come out of this concept is a five-book series, targeted for pre-K to 3rd grade children.

The company markets products through various channels and manages the likeness, image and marks for the Fearless Five™ concept and also manages the contract renewals, licensing agreements, and marketing / promotions for the brand.

HNK Concepts seeks to be a preeminent product development company focusing on the consumer products opportunities presented within the niche of children ages three to seven years old and will be a driving force in bringing innovative, high-quality products that offer the children positive imagery within the apparel, video, toys and games, software and print media product lines.