hob’art, a co-operative gallery with membership from Hoboken and the surrounding areas, exists primarily to serve the community by providing a showcase for fine art and in doing so support local artists in their efforts that their “voice” be heard.  That voice will enjoy an appeal that spans the generations as the art spans its limitless boundaries.  Not just a walk through, but a appealing place of peace, of gathering, of open invitation; of exchange; be it to sit and ponder the artist’s message revealed in his or her work; to hear the poet’s musings, to witness a community painting in progress or share local happenings in the art world; to journey through your mind’s eye to discover your own expression…. interpretation...  perhaps, a forum for discussion, a chat with the artist, or a class for the future’s budding artists.

The gallery itself would be a moving exhibition until such time as a permanent home can be found.  Local businesses can lend their support by providing space so that our reach may be as forthcoming as our expectations would enjoy.

Membership can be in several categories, with a nominating committee that will choose a revolving collection so that our voice may be fresh and our appeal attracting those who will visit again and again.