Hobby Wants was started in 2013 after a bad experience with one of the larger auction sites. This experience got us thinking about the problems that auction sites have, and in some cases how unfair they are to buyers. We decided to turn the whole concept upside down. We decided to focus on collectibles, since the majority of people that use auction sites are collecting something.

Here are some things that make us different:

No more sellers making all the rules. On Hobby Wants the Buyer posts what they want, and what they are willing to pay for it.

Most collectors have extra's or duplicates of the items they collect. Having some way to trade them for items they need with other collectors would be awesome. So at Hobby Wants, you can trade items for other items. Tell me how many auction sites allow that?

Sometimes you are feeling generous or you have to many of something and you just want to give it for free. We think you should have that option, so you can give things to people for free. We don't know how often this will happen, but it has to be available to happen and on Hobby Wants it can.

On just about every auction site, they pit the buyers against each other. This will create competition and raise the price of the item, but it also raises the overall percentage you have to pay for the sale of your item.

We do not do this. Instead, the sellers compete with each other to sell the item to the collector that posted the want. This creates a lower sale price for the buyer, and creates a competition for the sellers. Also, we do not get between the buyer and the seller by charging a percentage for the sale.

No more listing 500 items to sell 10. Since the buyers are listing the items they want, and what they are willing to pay its a guaranteed sale. This also allows sellers to determine what is in demand and what buyers are willing to pay for it.

Ever bid on something that was cheap, but had a small print shipping cost that was 3 times what the item was worth? When sellers respond to a want, they have to accept the complete terms for the want (including shipping). If some part of the response is to high or unreasonable then you can reject it.

Every want has a zip code associated with it so responders can sell items locally. If you want to pick it up and pay for it, you can!

We are trying to change the way that auction sites work. We value your feedback, as we are always trying to make our site better.