Hodson P.I. Professional Private Investigators is a California licensed professional investigations firm based in the city of Fullerton located in Orange County, California.  Our coverage area is the entire state of California, select States and Countries.  Founded in 2003 by world renowned private detective Justin D. Hodson, CPI who has been an investigator since 1999.

Who Are We?
Since 2003 Hodson, PI has been providing professional and superior investigative services to the public, businesses and municipal entities.  The firm is headed by world renowned private detective Justin D. Hodson, CPI.  We are based in Orange County, California but serve the world.

What we do?
We offer wide variety professional investigative services;

- Surveillance

- Background checks

- Missing Persons

- Financial Investigations

- Service of legal process

- Workplace investigations

- Theft Investigations

- International Investigations

- Online and Social Media Investigations

Why Choose Us?
Hodson P.I. has been conducting professional investigations throughout the world since 2003.  We have the resources and experience to handle any investigation.  World renowned private investigator Justin D. Hodson, CPI heads our firm.  To learn more about Justin D. Hodson, click here.  We are licensed in the State of California but have a network of investigators that span the world.

   - Professional and Experienced
   - Published Client Testimonials
   - Diligent and Direct
   - Proven Track Record

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