The main focus for all sales and marketing activity for Holiday Letting Shop is the website www.holidaylettingshop.com. This dual functioning site not only allows holidaymakers to book accommodation and pay securely online through but it also encourages timeshare week owners looking to rent their weeks to deposit these with us.

Individual owners of up to four weeks of accommodation will complete an online valuation form on the site. From this information we will provide a valuation of their week/s based on our understanding of market conditions and their management fees. If they are happy with the valuation we give them, we will load the accommodation on to our system for them and rent it out.

Resorts with more than four weeks to rent out will become holiday affiliates. We will work with them to select suitable stock and finalise rates that are beneficial to both parties. Again, once agreed, we will add all the stock to the site so there is no need for any involvement by the committee or management company.

Once loaded on the system the stock is available to book.

First, stock will be rented directly to the customer through the website. This will be supported by pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimisation.

Secondly, we will develop a number of banners that we would like to place on the websites of the affiliate resorts that we work with. These banners will encourage owners to visit the site, and if they make a booking, the resort will receive a small commission.

Thirdly, we will use our contacts in the wider tour operator arena to push the stock through to their own agents. This third party distribution is something that smaller mature resorts and individual owners do not typically have access to.

We believe that HLS offers a real alternative to timeshare owners who are currently thinking of selling their timeshare week because they cannot afford the maintenance charges, finance repayments or for other personal reasons. We understand that selling timeshare weeks is not an easy exercise, especially with the number of scammers in the market, so it may be better for the owner to maintain ownership and rent it out to pay the on going maintenance charges. In this way, they still have access to the week should their situation change in the future.

The Holiday Letting Shop programme also works for the resort. If their members use our services they continue to have a fully paid-up member of their resort. It is also a great way for mature resorts to have a presence and distribution channel on the internet to support their own rental activity.

With Holiday Letting Shop the concept is simple – we give our customers the very best holiday accommodation and our partners more rental customers.