Holistic Health & Fitness Tips founder Dave Moody welcomes you! We have designed our site around the eight pillars of holistic health to bring you a comprehensive source for your overall wellness. I have been a health nut for decades and a former athlete. Besides fitness, I spent many years in the musical instrument business from retail stores to manufacturing.  
In addition to my music career, I owned a private investigation agency in southern Ca. Not your typical career combinations:)!

Our goal is to pass on knowledge and research from a natural holistic approach. We are not advocates of big pharma and drugs and motivated to pass on holistic awareness. Nature gave us virtually everything required to stay healthy, and we explore these options for you.

Trust the Big Pharma or Holistic Health?
We love to conduct extensive research on both mainstream and obscure therapies to bring our community the best options. I share decades of personal anecdotal experience along with scientific studies to bridge both worlds. Many of us, like myself, do not “trust the science” at face value and dig deeper than the mainstream narrative for answers.

I have always had an inquisitive mind and one to demand solutions. My nature probably is genetic, and I truly enjoy digging into the research for facts.

I have been bodybuilding for 40 years while a self-professed supplement and nutrition junkie. Part of my journey includes research on diet and nutrition and have been my own Guinea pig. You can take a shortcut from my decades of study and trial and error at Holistic Health & Fitness Tips today!

Thank you for visiting and we hope that you will become a regular. We generally have a few new articles per week on subjects that often don’t receive much coverage elsewhere. Let us know if you have particular subject requests for us to report on.

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