In my practice I see individuals and couples from a variety of backgrounds. My specialties include working with individuals living with anger, anxiety, depression and relationship concerns; and with individuals and couples from the queer community. I also enjoy working with people around spiritual and existential issues - exploring beliefs and finding meaning in life’s experiences.

I work in ways which complement a clients goals and personality. This may range from client centered empathic listening, to a more directive or cognitive approach, as well as hypnotherapy. In my work with clients, I hold a holistic framework which looks at the primary parts of a person and how they relate to one another. These primary parts are the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects which make up the whole person. This framework also supports the models of Integrative Medicine and Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (CAM), by working in conjunction with other practitioners and modalities.

I approach therapy from a client centered perspective, starting with your goals and intentions, and supporting you from there. I am trained in a variety of therapeutic practices and theories, from transpersonal and humanistic to psychodynamic and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Some tools that may be used in therapy are expressive arts, sand tray, and various DBT exercises. I particularly enjoy using mindfulness and Hakomi to help clients become more aware of their body and how we experience emotions in all parts of it, not just our heads. I also use hypnotherapy techniques to reach deeper parts of the psyche, to effect healing at profound levels. Having been trained in various healing modalities and walking on a shamanic spiritual path, I see the power that comes from healing all parts of a person - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.