Hollowroom.com is a social network hub, that was created with the members privacy in mind. As such hollowroom.com does not and will never data mine, nor does hollowroom.com have any tracking cookies. The privacy controls are easy to understand and use.
Next hollowroom.com has everything you have come to expect from a social network plus many other features not found on most social sites. The addition features offered are as follows; marketplace/classified ads, property listings, games, blogs, document submission, groups, forums, events planner, polls, photo albums, video and music sharing, business and personal pages. All this an more absolutely free, all basic marketplace and property listings are 100% free. Dealers and private sellers are all welcome.
Hollowroom.com's founding philosophy is that a persons individual rights to privacy, freedom of speech, association, conscience and that these rights should not come with a price tag on them. Further we vow to never loose sight of what is important, that is the members.
We at hollowroom.com welcome everyone to come enjoy and celebrate your freedoms with us.