Holly Molly is a worldwide design platform where you can choose the print design you need, from a high-quality collection, without time waste.

With years of experience and a solid team and skills ranging from print design to web development, we are prepared to help our users in a very complete form in all their design, advertisement and promotion of their business.

Party and Business Print Templates:
Just open the catalog, choose the category and find that perfect flyer that will help you advertising your company or service. For the bars and nightclubs promoters and owners, we also have a high-quality collection of pre-designed flyer templates.

All our free and premium templates, despite having some differences, are ready and easy to use, print-ready at high resolution and fully compatible with Photoshop.

And for the high-end customer/designer who want a big variety of print items, we are always creating Advertisement  packs suitable for every promotional campaign you need.

You'll have at your disposal flyers, magazine ads, trifold and bifolds, business cards, roll up banners, corporate stationery, web newsletters and web banners, you name it. All with an identical design concept, perfect for increasing your sales or services across publicity campaigns.

Unique Designs and Item Customization:
We have different types of customers, from Business Owners to Designers.
Sometimes, due to lack of time or low experience with photoshop, we are asked for item customization.
On other side, clients sometimes need specific or more unique Designs. Or a new print item with their existing concept.

Either case, you can contact us for any custom type of work.