A Series that is guaranteed to Astonish you with its absurdities; Touch you with pathos; Delight you with the unexpected; And, above all, Render you helpless with unabashed laughter!

My name is LaVelle LaRue. I am an actor and the executive producer Hollywood Agent Clark, a new YouTube comedy series about an ex-college football star who left the sport at the height of his athletic career after a championship game’s tragic accident.

It is a series that will totally rock the YouTube viewership and take online comedy to a level never before imagined! Our fundraising goal is $10,000,000. It sounds like an ambitious goal, but with your help, we can make it happen!! You have the opportunity to be among the first to invest in this groundbreaking project – and it may very well be the most important investment that you will ever make!

After suddenly quitting football, Clark decided to become a talent agent at the very same agency that had been trying to recruit him into the NFL. Clark was quickly promoted to partner within three years but was then fired because of past issues that still haunted him from the tragic football incident.

Depressed, but determine to push forward, Clark and his assistant move their office into his garage, and together they devise a plan to get back into the talent agency game by signing one of the biggest models in the business – but of course everything comes at a price.

Investing in an online production like this takes someone who has an incredibly innovative spirit and the foresight to see where the film industry is heading. There was a time when televisions and movie theaters were the only venues for creative filming, but the advent of the Internet has been a game-changer.  The ability to communicate instantly with anyone in the world—with words, pictures, music and video—has caused a cosmic shift in the types of pathways and entrances to film making.  Many smart investors are responding to these inevitable changes. You could be one of them!

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“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.”

Peter Ustinov

I love this quote. It’s what comedy is all about, and Hollywood Agent Clark is comedy at its very best. Viewers will find themselves identifying with the characters, connecting with the plot in a very personal way, and walking away with lightness in their hearts and a smile on their faces. This series is guaranteed to be an unqualified success, and we would be deeply honored to have your support!