APS Entertainment/Hollywood Success Marketing and Public Relations is a unique Hollywood-based marketing machine - providing promotion, marketing, networking and support services for clients and specializing in PR for the entertainment industry since 1978.

Our CEO is Rock Riddle.  He has over a third of a century and more than 140,000 hours of professional experience in the film and television industry.  His professional background includes Publicist and President of APS Entertainment and Hollywood Success Marketing & Public Relations, of course, as well as SAG Franchised Talent Agent and Agency Co-Owner, Personal Manager, Producer, Casting Director, Stunt Person, Talk Show Host, Film and Television Actor, and Amazon.com Number One Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author ("How to Become a Magnet to Hollywood Success") - not to mention his "legend" status as the Original "Mr. Wonderful" of Professional Wrestling - and a Hall of Famer.

Rock Riddle's greatest talents include (1) his mastery in the marketing and promotion of entertainment industry professionals and (2) his amazing ability to motivate, inspire and teach people how to achieve and go beyond their dreams.  On April 21, 2007, Rock was presented with the prestigious Reel Honoree Award, an award that is presented once a year to an individual who has made a difference in the entertainment industry.  Past recipients of this award include Sylvester Stallone, Charles Bronson, David Carradine, Robert Conrad, James Cagney, Kirk Douglas, Cesar Romero, and Mickey Rooney.  Rock has dedicated the majority of his life to helping people achieve and live and go beyond their dreams.