Home Access Services, a leading provider of stairlifts, overhead lifts is helping with the movement that allows residents to age in place. Aging in place refers to people who choose to modify their homes so that they are more accessible instead of moving somewhere else.
With an increasing number of baby boomers experiencing a decrease in mobility, demand for aging in place options has increased as well.  At approximately 100 million strong, baby boomer and older customers (born before 1965) are one of the most relevant groups in the U.S.
The challenges this number of older Americans will bring to the country is unprecedented. Current economic problems, a health care system that is being reworked and the lack of infrastructure needed to support older people all point to steps like aging in place that need to be taken in order for this aging generation to live comfortably.
"They live in the place they love, it is the place where they have made lasting friends and memories…" says a Home Access Services representative. We offer them solutions that are so much simpler and cost efficient than having to move them into a new home or an assisted living center.
When asked why they like Home Access Services for their provider of stairlifts, a Palos Heights senior citizen cited “peace of mind, I could not have asked for a better company to do business with…” For people who are looking for Disabled Access Ramps Home Access Services provides customized ramps for houses, patios, and cars as well.
There are many other ways to modify a home to make it more accessible aside from scooter lifts in Chicago areas. Some of these include placing grab bars in bathtubs, showers, and near toilets. Moving appliances like microwaves to the countertop and have pull down rods in closets will prevent accidents and straining as well. Applying non-slip tape to indoor and outdoor steps as well as securing loose rugs and carpets can prevent falls.
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About Home Access Services:

The goal at Home Access Services is to make your life more accessible using the latest most innovative equipment available. With an aging population there is a demand for products to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled.

We offer a full range of equipment to help you go further with fewer limitations. At Home Access Services we understand the obstacles that can reduce mobility and we will work with you, your occupational therapists and your doctors to over-come them, by providing easy to use, easy to maintain and safe solutions.

We offer a full range of interior and exterior accessibility products that will enable you to stay in your home longer while maintaining your independence. Regardless of the physical challenge we have the answer!  

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