I started my home career back in 2004 with AmeriPlan USA.  It was really time consuming searching for work I could do at home, especially since I was working full time.   There was a death in my household and I needed to be at home.  There were so many businesses to choose from.   I found something that people could use and that was Dental Benefits.  At that time, and still today people can't afford dental insurance, so I chose this business based on the fact that close to 50 million people were uninsured.  Best choice I made, especially since this company added the Medical and several other affordable and needed savings packages.  You can go to www.freeme.vpweb.com for more details on how we can save you money.  

Because of what I went through searching for a home career I thought it would be a great idea to bring several dozen home career owners together to exhibit their business.  At the same time we will enlighten the attendees what it takes to find a home career that will be a fit for them.  We will find out what their passions are and give them questions to ask themselves.  The attendees will see live demonstrations and hear live testimonials from some of these successful home career owners.  Some people may even realize that having a home career is not for them.  And that's O.K. too!  But the bottom line is know that there are alternatives to not having that job any longer or having the opportunity to work overtime to make ends meet.