homecoin.com enables buyers and sellers to transact real estate without requiring the use of real estate agents. The homecoin.com provides sellers all of the tools necessary to effectively market their home to buyers and their agents, including comparable sales, internet listing, multiple listing service (MLS) listing, yard signage, flyers, lockbox service and integrated contracts and state/federal disclosures.

Buyers, and their agents (if applicable), are able quickly and easily create, sign, and submit offers to sellers entirely through the homecoin.com website. Sellers and buyers can easily accept, counter, or reject offers all via an intuitive interface which provides real-time status of each offer.

Once an offer has been accepted, the homecoin.com application automatically generates a real-time list of the obligations the accepted offer has created for both the buyer and seller. The homecoin.com application makes it easy to monitor and complete your home transaction.