Carolina Guardian Home Inventory Services, LLC has launched a new service in the low country area for home and business owners alike.  We perform a professional detailed inventory of your property and valuable items using high quality video and photography equipment.  This information is vital for the claims process in the unfortunate event of a loss.  We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and guarantee 100% confidentiality.

Insurance companies, agents, and financial advisers strongly recommend thorough documentation of your property to ensure your family's financial protection in the future.  Carolina Guardian Home Inventory Services, LLC provides a professional, reliable, and affordable third-party home and business inventory designed to maximize your claim as well as making the claim process smoother.

   *  We create detailed documentation:
Carolina Guardian Home Inventory works with you to create detailed documentation. If you have a loss, we want you to have thorough records. We take the time and care to document your property as though it were our own. We are experienced and fully equipped to efficiently conduct your inventory.

   * When you schedule your inventory:
You will receive a packet of tools including lists of the type of property you will want to detail in your inventory and what information should be recorded about these items. We also give you additional tools you may use to record important information for safe storage along with your inventory materials.

   * When Your Inventory is completed:
You promptly receive a portfolio containing your video on DVD, your database and digital pictures on a CD, and a printed spreadsheet with all the data. This portfolio is suitable for storage in your safe deposit box.

High quality documentation:
Working on site with a laptop computer and high quality digital camera, we record the significant details about your valuable property. This includes the information you will need in the event of an insurance claim. We detail your "scheduled" property (that which is listed on your homeowner policy), your appraised or "should be appraised" items, and other non-standard property such as valuable rugs, fine furniture, jewelry, silverware, fine china, collectibles, firearms, fine art, etc.

Next we take digital pictures of these items. These pictures include identifying details such as signatures, engravings or other markings that identify your property. The pictures are cross-referenced to your database.

We Will Store Your Inventory For You:
We will provide copies of your inventory to your insurance company, police department, or anyone you choose with your explicit written permission only. We will also keep a copy for you in our secure location free of charge for one year. After one year we charge a small annual fee to store your inventory for you.