Mortgage Plus Bond Originators specialises in Mortgages, Bonds, New Home Loans, Building Loans, Further Loans, Bond Switches and Debt Consolidation Home Loans, Personal Loans and Insurance in South Africa.

We know that purchasing a new home, or taking out a mortgage "home loan" on your existing home, is a rather costly activity and therefore all the available options need to be considered before an adequate final decision can be made concerning the home loan which is most ideal for you.

After operating in the home loan industry in South Africa for a number of years, Mortgage Plus has been able to build up the experience and thus the expertise necessary for giving the best assistance to those looking to take out a home loan or second mortgage on their house.

We consequently become a specialist in the field of home loans, building loans, further loans, bond switches and debt consolidation loans with more and more people in South Africa coming to us for our expertly reliable home loan assistance services.

It should be noted that Mortgage Plus is not a bank or an estate agency but is a bond originator who will assist you by starting the bond application process on your behalf.

Mortgage Plus will find the right deal for you. Guaranteed!

For further information contact Morne Prinsloo on 011 327 4489 or email morne@mortgagepluscc.co.za

If you would like to know more about your home loan services and mortgage requirements please phone the Mortgage Plus Head Office on: