Therapeutic Solutions, Inc., a company that has developed therapy kits for the purpose of providing affordable, at home care for a variety of common physical complaints. Therapeutic Solutions, Inc. was birthed out of a desire to help more people get the therapeutic care they needed and provide simple solutions to help treat aches and pains in the joints and muscles in their bodies, especially for those who for time or financial reasons couldn't get the treatment they needed at a clinic.

On our website (www.HomeTherapySolution.com) we currently offer free information and kits for purchase for carpal tunnel, rotator cuff tear, and shoulder tendonitis or bursitis. These have been developed by practicing therapists and reviewed and endorsed by a variety of physicians to ensure both quality and effectiveness.

Someone who is struggling with one of these ailments can purchase a kit for an affordable price and have everything they need to treat themselves at home with the result being pain reduction and faster recovery. We have more kits and the products in the development phase for a variety of other ailments that will be released in the near future.