HomeworkBazaar is a tutoring platform which connects students who stuck with their homework to high quality and well experienced tutors so that they can get help and understand the easy ways to solve their problems with a little pocket money. Our well qualified, experienced tutors provide their own step by step solutions (100% plagiarism free) for students in need of extra Assignments Help and encourage them to generate their own ideas from solutions. Students just need to ask a question and the high quality tutors will respond with step by step solutions which would help you understand the concept better.
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There is nothing wrong in seeking academic help. Some students do need help. For these students it is not feasible to take time out for assignments, it could be due to their hectic schedule, illnesses, unfamiliarity with the teaching system at a new place or the fear of losing a term. Our priority therefore is to help such students to achieve academic success and get better grades.
Note that all tutorials posted here to be used as a guide. Submitting an answer as your own is strictly forbidden and is likely to result in your institutes academic honesty unit taking actions against you. You will be fully responsible for that. Students at HomeworkBazaar are strictly prohibited to ask a tutor for online tests or quizzes. Doing this may result immediate termination of your account.

How do I post an assignment?
After logging in hit "Ask a Question" tab. Type your requirement in the box provided. Fill in the required fields and hit "Submit" tab. Once your question is posted it will be visible to all users.

How much price should I set?
It's upto you. If you don’t know the price, put a feasible price in willing to pay field and wait for available tutors to respond with their prices stated next to their solutions.

Is there any downpayment for the solution?
No, you will be asked to pay only when you purchase the solution.

How do I get the solution of an assignment?
As soon as you purchase the solution it will automatically goes to your tutorial bucket. You can view/download your solution from your tutorial bucket.

What is the tutorials bucket?
The tutorials bucket is a place where we store all of the answers/tutorials purchased by you. You can access any of your answer/tutorial at any time.

What are your guarantees concerning plagiarism?
Every tutor is suppose to follow our strict policy on writing only original solution. So we hope solution provided by the tutor is custom written, never copied and pasted.
We have a strict zero tolerance policy against plagiarism.

How do I rate and comment my tutor?
Click the question in "Tutorial Bucket" for which you want to rate your tutor, there you’ll find an option to rate your tutor.

Is it necessary to rate and put the comments for a tutor?
It is not very much mandatory. But we strongly recommend to rate and comments your tutor very honestly, that way you can express your opinions publicly so that other students will know how awesome he or she is.

Can I purchase a solution for which I have not posted a request?
Yes, you certainly can. First see the assignment posted carefully and make sure that this is exactly what you looking for? You can preview 20% of the solution so that you can have an idea before making the purchase. To purchase the solution just click on "Buy now to download" tab.

How do I contact a tutor?
Basically there are two ways to contact a tutor:
Chating:  You can chat with the tutor using the chat bar appear on right side of the page (registration is not required).
Message: You can send a message (you need to login).

How do I choose a good tutor?
The only way to choose a good tutor is to see the tutor's profile. To view profile simply click on tutor's username. Make sure to specifically look at tutor's ratings and read the comments of other students about him/her.

We have experts from all over the world for various subjects who have grasp over the subject. Most of our subject experts are having doctoral degree. Our subject experts know exactly how to tackle all sorts of an assignment problem. Our experts at HomeworkBazaar provide solutions that are easy to understand, precise and exactly according to the requirements of the students. To make student-tutor interaction easy, we have upgraded our site with chat.