Mothers’ Home Business Network was started in 1984 by Georganne Fiumara to help moms understand their work-at-home options. She was a pioneer in the mom work-at-home movement.

HomeWorkingMom.com was started in 1997.

Mothers' Home Business Network and our website, HomeWorkingMom.com provide information, ideas and inspiration for mothers who choose to work at home. We reach out through our website, special reports, informative articles and  Facebook.com/HomeWorkingMom.

HomeWorkingMom Special Report, Fast Cash Ideas for Moms, is available on http://www.
FastCashforMoms.com. This report was written to meet the immediate income needs of mothers while they create a more permanent home-based income.

Ms. Fiumara has been teaching moms how to earn money at home for 29 years, while protecting their best interests.

An author and publisher, Georganne Fiumara is the author of numerous books and has written 100+ articles about home business for national magazines. Her most recent book is How to Start a Home-based Business to Become a Work-at-Home Mom (Globe Pequot Press.)