About Honey Hospital

Debbie Thain founded Honey Hospital Ltd following her family’s passion for bee related products. From a sore throat to a cut leg, the bees have the answer!

Honey Hospital Ltd is a UK based company building a global reputation for Supporting innovative honey and bee related brands from around the world. It is our objective to offer a “One Stop Shop” for our online and direct customer base.

We are passionate about the natural healing benefits of honey

Here at Honey Hospital we have chosen to stock a large range of Manuka based products following the significant research into the healing properties of Manuka honey by Professor Peter Molan from Waikato University an Rosie Cooper who is based in Cardiff.

Honey Hospital Ltd would also like to support start up and small sized companies. We have a significant database and B2C marketing tools which can help launch your idea / new brand. We believe in working together, just like the bees !

Please visit Honey Hospital’s facebook site. It will update you on the latest news and reviews for bee related products. We will also model our business on your feedback, so please tell us what you would like to see / buy. Don’t forget to enter our competitions!

Whilst on your travels, if you spot a brand suitable for our website, please tell us about it.

If we end up stocking it, you will be sent a mystery gift.

Thank you for your support

Debbie Thain