HONEY RIVER is a band from Southern California that evokes the spirit of the great sound and songs that came before it in the early 70's.

With 24 year old Matt Cermanski, singing the newly written stories of our time, Honey River takes the listener on a familiar ride, but with new paint and wheels.

Joey Sykes adds his songwriting and producer talents, as well as his high harmonies, and strong guitar playing. All of the songs were written in either Nashville, or Los Angeles, infusing the heart and soul of country music and singer/songwriter greats, such as The Eagles, Jackson Browne, The Band, Kris Kristofferson, etc.

Honey River's third band member is the multi instrumentalist Stephan Hovsepian, whose vast musical talents can only be matched by the time spent with the Great Levon Helm, of The Band, in Woodstock, NY.

Together, this is Honey River. A Sweet, flowing trip, heard through great songs, voices, and music.