Honey Software – multi-dimensional HR software for streamlined performance
Honey Software provides you with a sophisticated suite of HR software solutions designed to streamline your human resource management and improve the efficiency of your businesses greatest asset - your people.

Honey Software is the most comprehensive solution in employee software available today. It provides a centralised information system that is easily accessible using the proven global standard Microsoft CRM as the central platform– a user interface that your staff are already familiar with.

The Honey Software software suite comprises:

Automated processes ensure communications with candidates are professional and timely, delivers the data necessary to make informed decisions and reduce hiring risks. Automates responses, stores, tracks and prompts action according to stage.

Training & Development
Integrated with performance management, employee goals and performance agreements, Honey Software provides complete transparency of training costs and effectiveness to ensure investments in this area are maximised.

Performance Management
Honey Software provides dynamic performance assessment of your human capital; competency, skills, key performance indicators, objectives, behaviour and drives alignment with strategic objectives.

Honey Software is a comprehensive payroll solution that has the flexibility to meet any organisatiosn requirements irrespective of size, location or unique requirements. Plus, it is asolution with the capacity to allow for multiple countries’ legislation. Easy to use, easy to maintain and low cost of ownership.

Health & Safety
Health and Safety compliance demands attention to process and reporting. Honey Software is a fully comprehensive solution to the responsibilities of protecting employee health

Personnel Management
With an unlimited customisation capability, Honey Software meets the needs to consistently capture data relating to human capital, including: grievances and discipline, passports, visas, medical checks, employment history, professional memberships.

Employee Self Service
Empower your team with the ability to apply for leave, submit timesheets, view and update  core personal information, access on demand reports and view key payroll information - all via a simple online interface